Source of users that come to a WhatsApp bot

Assuming I’ve run ad campaigns on FB, Instagram and some google ads which on click of a link redirects the user to the WhatsApp bot.

Is there anyway to track the source from which these users landed on the WA bot.

Traditionally with web pages we would use UTM_SOURCE to track this.

For Facebook and Insta ads there is a native ads feature known as CTWA(Click to WhatsApp Ads) through which if the campaign is executed then we get certain events pertaining to the user and the ads from which the user landed on the WhatsApp Bot based on which we can identify the source and other info.

But for Non-Meta platforms this is not available and the only way is to use a link(can be generated from Yellow’s Platform> Channels>WhatsApp>View More> Generate QR and Short Link) with a static text embedded to the first message based on which this could be tracked but it has a drawback that if the user edits the msg before sending it then it would not get logged based on the logic written on the bot to track the first message.

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@Wasim_Laskar Other than Tracking this with the pre-filled message, can we also track it via logs using WhatsApp referral event?

cc: @Saurabh_Kumar

Hi @Wasim_Laskar What kinds of the data that we can track using whatsapp-referral and fb-ad-referral?