Lead Ads Use Case for meta platform

Hi Platform team,

I have some queries regarding lead ads use case

  1. For example: My customer publish 3 ads
    Ads 1, Ads 2 and Ads 3 on FB then redirect to Whatsapp Bot.
    How can we identify from source Ads on our insights regarding the which ads are clicked by customers.
  2. If possible, after click ads on FB then landed to FB messenger? and same with IG Ads, if possible after click IG Ads then landed to IG DM?
    So, no need to landed to WA Bot after click the ads.
  3. What kind of the Data that we can capture as analysis on our Insight from Ads?

@Keshava_Chaitanya @Surender_Selvaraj @Wasim_Laskar

Hi @Andika_Januarianto ,

We have CTWA(Click to WhatsApp) Ads support on Cloud Platform which can capture events when a lead lands on our WhatsApp Bot from Facebook ads and it can also capture the related info associated with the lead and ad from which the user landed. More details on how to run CTWA Ads: Redirecting...

Just wondering.
What if, customer want to landing on Facebook Messenger and DM Instagram after click the ads.
Meaning, FB Ads to FB messenger and IG Ads to DM IG.
Can we support that as well?


FB ads → FBM Reference doc here
Ads → IG DM Reference doc here

From a bot building perspective, We have an fb-ad-referral event which should be able to support the same. IG — we don’t have any such event at the moment.

@Wasim_Laskar can you confirm if the above event is valid for FB ads → FBM redirection?