Fonts and HTML tags

Hi, I want to know how to change fonts in the bot and want to know the HTML tags that I can use to change the UI style. I checked BOLD is not supported by the platform. so I need to know what all tags are support and what all are not supported.

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Wow, no reply yet from anyone from yellow… a good experience with the platform so far… very disappointing tho!

Hey @Mohammed,
I’m extremely sorry for the delay in response.
You can go to Channels > Chat Widget > Design > Font Style to change fonts in your bot.

About HTML tags, currently 3 tags are supported in the web widget:

  1. strong / bold
  2. href
  3. italic

You can use the HTML tags in your bot as shown in the screenshot below:

It will be displayed on the user end like this:

Let me know if you still have any query around bot building. Thank you!

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