Getting ETIMEDOUT error during API calls

Hi Team,

I have a couple of APIs created over AWS lambda, however, sometimes the yellow platform fails to get a response from these APIs. I checked on server side and everything is working fine. tested sending payloads through custom requests module notebooks and postman and gave no errors for 1000 concurrent hits, it happens only on yellow. I either get “ETIMEDOUT” or “CERT” error when looking at the API logs.

Example log:

@version”: “”,
“responseTime”: 20008,
“botId”: “x********”,
“apiName”: “********”,
“statusCode”: “err”,
“args”: “{**********}”,
@timestamp”: “2024-02-04T06:03:12.875Z”,
“response”: “ETIMEDOUT”,
“id”: “zZi2co0B_UhE4mGBtBbQ”,
“key”: “zZi2co0B_UhE4mGBtBbQ”

This happens like 1 in 10 times. Need a possible solution for the same. Had raised tickets earlier but no solution hence had to create a thread here.


Hey @Manthan_Rathod, If the configured API is taking too long to respond, you might receive this ESOCKETTIMEDOUT or ETIMEDOUT error.

Maybe you can try increasing the API Timeout to 40 Seconds?

To do so, You can go to StudioAPI ManagementSelect your APIConfigurationTimeout.

After you make this change, don’t forgot to click on the “Save” button.

Here is a screenshot for your reference: