Unidentified utterances in cloud bot

Need to get unidentified utterances in cloud bot.Is there any way to get and export? Thanks in advance !

Heyy @Hariprasath_S

I hope this api should help you-

change the bot id and date accordingly.

Hi @Dipanjan_Datta I have tried passing x-api-key and changed date and bot id as mentioned but I am getting “you encountered an error” and 401 code.

can you please help with the bot id and the dates you have tried

Dec 1 to Dec 31
@Dipanjan_Datta These are the data.

Hey @Hariprasath_S try to download the report for 30 days. Don’t exceed more than 30 days.

Hey @Jayesh_Rana Still facing the same error.

Hey @Hariprasath_S can you share the bot access to jayesh.rana@yellow.ai.

Provided the access!! @Jayesh_Rana

Hey @Hariprasath_S I’m able to download it.

@Hariprasath_S to download the report paste this API in the url of the chrome and open the bot and then it will automatically get downloaded. I have already updated this curl with your bot id. https://cloud.yellow.ai/api/embedding/get-unidentified-csv?bot=x1654005952768&start_date=2022-08-01T00:00:00.000Z&end_date=2022-08-30T23:59:59.999Z

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