Getting RazorPay Event after 12mins - RazorPay Integration

Everything worked perfectly yesterday, but today we are only receiving events after 12 minutes.

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Hi @Abhijeet_Kumar,
this must be an issue from razorpay.
They trigger the webhook and there must be a delay from their end, as per the webhook you have attached in the customers razorpay account from where you get the payment event.

You might have to take this up with the client who will contact RZPay team for the same.

Hi @Abhijeet_Kumar

Our integrations team can help validate if this is a bug from our end or an issue from RZPs side.

Please follow the Community Guidelines and raise this as an internal ticket so that the respective team can support you with this.

Hi Abhijeet,

This would be mostly an issue from Razorpay’s end. We can connect once to verify the same.

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