In Razorpay, what if the transaction gets completed but we didn't receive any event from Razorpay due to some issue?

The question is what if after the Razorpay transaction is completed but we didn’t receive any event after that due to some issue in which razorpay event gets delayed?

So how can we handle situation like this?

If the event is received with a delay then we cannot do anything about that. As soon we receive the event, we relay it to the bot. If there is an issue at Razorpay’s end where it’s sending the event with a delay then that is something they need to look into.

In a general E-Commerce bot, after the user completed the payment transaction and we get the razyorpay event paymentlink.paid then only we hit the create_order API for creating the order. But if the transaction is successful and the money has been deducted but we didn’t get any razorpay event, than what to do in this situation? because now the creation_order API will not get triggered and the order will not be created.