How to capture inbound replies?

I have integrated my account with Leadsqured and i am able to send outbound messages.
But i am unable to capture responses on Leadsquared?
How to enable that?

Hi @adhiraj.sharma

The current flow of this integration right now is one could be able to send outbound notifications to user from leadSquared and if user responses to that, those messages will reach to the bot, You can configure any flow if you want based on that response in the bot but these replies will not reach to leadSquared.

Thanks for reaching out and hope this answers your question.

Got it.
Also, i am unable to activate the quick reply event. PFA the screenshot of the same.

hey @adhiraj.sharma check your Webhook once whether you have configured it rightly or not.

@adhiraj.sharma , you can’t directly activate the event on the production bot. Please activate the event in the development bot and then publish it.

Enable the event in Staging environment and publish your bot to push the changes to Production