How can we trigger webview on app platform?

Hi team,

We have recently enabled webview for one of the Alstom bots.

How do we trigger this webview? and i want to pass dynamic data to the webview. is it possible?

Usecase: I have to implement text area in webbot by passing dynamic values

Hi @Chidhigi_Shravani
You can load web view by passing app.sendWebView().

Here’s an example:

`app.sendWebView('', '` `` `', 300);`
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Yes, got it.

What if i want to pass some dynamic data in the webview?

How should i pass it?

Yes we can pass dynamic data in queryParams.
We don’t have support for post data, so don’t pass any sensitive data in Query params.
We possible please encrypt the data using private key and decrypt it using public key.

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