How could we click previous button

We want to show user some button options if user select button one then we will show some details to him then if user goes back and select button 2 then his could able see another details

Please help how could we achieve this
please check the ref.


Are you trying to type from the same prompt in Whatsapp after one button has been already typed in the same prompt and expecting the answer?

Yes we are aspecting like we clicked on “I Liked the offer” then we show some details to user
then user goes up on same node and select / click “Ok tell me more” button then we will show something else details

That is not possible. 1 prompt can be used once conversing. Once you get the first details after clicking “I liked the offer” that context is complete. You have to come back to the same journey again to access the same prompt.

Hi @helpgopik, you can configure next step button Ok, tell me more after users select I liked the offer