Want to trigger journey only once

During the live agent connectivity we need to get some details from the user (name, phone and email id )and for that have created a user data journey . If a user is raising a second ticket during the same session i don’t want to trigger my user details journey again as i have already got the details .

Work Around:

I triggered a logic node with a conditions

a. name is set then don’t trigger user details journey if not then do
b. if name is undefined then trigger else wont

This is not working as expected . Could anyone please suggest how to achieve the same?

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This is definitely possible on the yellow.ai platform. In the prompt setting, under the Autoskip prompt using field you can select a variable where you’re storing the user info.
Also, please on of the prompts as a unique value to access user info. Email ID and contact numbers are most suited for a unique ID.

Please let me know if you’ve more queries about bot building.

@Pratik ,
"Autoskip prompt using" is not working for Quick replies node, where as it is working for message/question node.
Could you please help on this?