Capture last step of the user on whatsApp and Start same step on Web

Suppose a user is leaving a specific flow/ journey on Whatsapp, can he/she starts the same journey on Web bot / PWA.
Please tell whether we can achieve this or not?

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Hi Aditya,

You can use User 360 Table / Database table for this.

  1. Create a variable lets say “Last Journey”. At the start of every journey give the value for this variable as journey name and Update the value using DB node if you are using Database or If you are using user properties it gets automatically updated.

  2. The next time the user comes to the bot in a different channel we can search for the user based on the phone number and we can trigger the journey name present in last journey variable.

Note - Make sure the journey you are triggering is not dependant on the values from other journey. If it is dependant then you have to store those values as well in the database/user360.

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Great use-case actually
Thanks @Harshin_Balaji

@Harshin_Balaji I still have a question. since we obtain the workflow and nodeId from logs. Therefore, now that we have authenticated the user on the web using the same userId, how can we trigger the same node with the same journey?

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This is pretty much the exact the use case is.