How to enable small talk?

Hello Team

Please help to understand-

How to enable “Small Talk” ?
and default question in small talks are not responding

In the new bots, by default small talk is enabled.

Hi @Jayesh_Rana
in new bots if it is by default enabled then please help to understand why its not responding as expected ?

Hello, @Dipanjan_Datta. It is stated that "no intent is identified for “boss”." It implies that there isn’t any available intent for that. Simply click “Add Question” in small talk, add the utterances and responses, and train the bot if you need any response to be displayed.

I hope this may help.

@Parthiban_J thats the doubt, “Boss” is a default question in small talk, so it should give the response as default questions of small talk is already trained.

Hi @Dipanjan_Datta , Small talk in the bot is to respond to casual conversations with the users. This option improves the bot-user experience by answering common questions outside the scope that the bot.

In your case you are trying to trigger small talk with isolated words like address, boss from which the bot wont be able to understand your intent.

Try Accompanying those words in a sentence. For example, try asking a question like “Where is your address” . PFA. If it sill doesnt work than pls raise a ticket.

Yes this helps,
Thanks @Harshin_Balaji