Context Management and Small Talk

Hi Everyone

I’ve been trying out the small talk feature and I’m noticing that there must be hard coded or hidden small talk entries configured somewhere.

As you can see here I’ve only configured two small talks:

But there seems to be more small talks configured as you can see here that I triggered the “friend” small talk:

My question is if you guys know where I can find these and how I can remove them? Or is that part still in development?


Hey Timo,

Small talk is yellow’s inbuilt NLP capabilities to make the chatbot more human. With this feature a developer do not need to spend extra effort in building or training the bot to understand small talks or greeting messages.
Any particular reason you want to disable the same?


Hi Jishnu,

So there is an inbuilt NLP small talk and a customizable one in the context management? The reason for my post was that the inbuilt small talk is interfering with some of my quick replies. In the second screenshot you can see that one quick reply was “3. Garage” and the bot answered with the “friend” small talk, which doesn’t make any sense in that context.

IMO that feature is really cool and I would like to use more of it but if it interferes more of my quick replies I’ll unfortunately have to disable it :frowning:



Hi guys, for the time I disabled the small talk feature. Still I wanted to ask if you guys know of any tricks regarding this issue or if this feature is still WIP.


Same issue here. Is there a workaround without deactivating that feature completely?