How to integrate shopify properly to use Shopify eCommerce Bot?

To use Shopify eCommerce Bot

We need Shopify Shop Integration

  1. Shop Name
  2. Password
  3. Shared Secret

In the help doc

Its mentioned under To get Shopify password and shared secret

  1. Configure the necessary Admin API Scopes and Storefront API Scopes.
  2. Then copy the Admin Access Token and API Secret

so we have assumed Shopify password => Admin Access Token & shared secret => API Secret
Not sure if it is correct

Then Shop Name - We have kept it the same as on Shopify
For example - for it is Milky Mist Shop

Then we click connect, it shows the connection was successful.

While testing,

it gets failed at getAllProducts step

Even the fallback condition doesn’t get triggered.

Need some help in configuring this, this has become the bottleneck in the development.

Hey Biswa, Can you please check the code logs once?