Shopify Integration

Hello team,

We have created an app in shopify and installed it in shopify.

When trying to connect with the shopify from the integrations we are getting the following error.
‘Integration could not be registered and enabled. Refresh or try again later.’

attaching screenshots for reference.

Thank you.

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Any update over here would be helpful.

Hi Surya,

I am hoping you have followed this doc : Shopify | to get the details to connect the shop to the bot.

Question here is how have you fetched the shopName.?

The shop name should be taken from the Shopify store URL as in if the merchant store URL is then the shop name to be used is yellowxyz . Could you please confirm the same has been used?

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Hi @Bhaskar_Karanam ,

We are following the documentation for the shopify integration and yes we are picking the shop name from the merchant store URL ( ).

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@Pigilam_Chidivilas_S considering this is a public forum, let’s not share the clients secret keys on the forum. Better to blur/hide these details as it wouldn’t be verified here anyways.