How to Trigger a Custom Event from API Call

I want to send a custom event to and trigger journey based on event, profile and event metadata. But couldn’t find a way to do so via API calls from server. Can anyone help here?

Use Case: To Send a event to for a profile with email / phone and trigger a journey to send a mail / whatsapp chat to this profile. Have been looking for long but couldn’t find anything useful

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Hey @onlyoneaman
I can see there are two problems you’re trying to solve here.

  1. Send an event to trigger a journey

From the events hub you can use page-url-based-trigger which will trigger the journey when the URL is matched with the loading page URL, and the attached journey gets triggered.

  1. Share the user profile to the bot

If the user profile data is available on the webpage, you can fetch it and pass it to the bot using a data payload.

Hey @Pratik
You got the problems partially right, I am facing the problems when doing them via backend not frontend, while the solutions you provided and whatever I could find on docs all focus on doing the same via websites only.

  1. Send an Event to trigger a journey from a server (backend).
  2. Create / Update user profile on

If Someone does an action outside my website, I want to update the properties or create the user from my server and send an event to trigger the journey.

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Thanks for providing more info on the use case @onlyoneaman. To achieve this via backend, you’ll need API; which is not available currently.