Send notification by using conversation ID

User will raise request on platform, In the background a ticket is created via consuming API. Once the ticket is fulfilled we want to send notification to user about ticket being fulfilled.

Please let us know how can we achieve this.

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Where is this ticket created?
Does this tool have the ability to make API calls?

Alternatively, if the tool has an out of the box integration with yellow, we will provide the webhooks needed to pass that event over to yellow - from which you can automate notifications

Thanks for the Reply. My tool has ability to consume API Calls. Can you please give me the API details.

I am using sapphire ITSM tool to create ticket. Once the ticket status change to close, I need to send notification to user on yellow chatbot. This tool not have integrated with Yellow.


Here you can make use of our User360 (CDP) APIs

We have an API called the Push User Event API

With this, you can make the API call from your end where you trigger a specific event in our builder for a user and then trigger a specific flow using that event