I have some doubts regarding yellow.ai platform

Knowledge Base -

  1. Is there any way to customize the answers from KB for example - number of lines, Specific Format, etc.
  2. Can i get answer to a question like - I have uploaded a pdf in document search and asked a question like How can i use seat belt of my car?
    So I am expecting the answer like -
    Step 1: Sit upright. Sit upright with your hips all the way back in the seat. Step 2: Lay the lap belt across your hips. Cross the seat belt across your hips and line the belt up with the buckle.

    This description and image is present in the document which is uploaded and i want the answer in the bot interface itself and not as a reference link. Is that possible?
  3. Can I get the answers in the form of one card only with preview and open buttons in the card?
  4. is there any way that i can change the LLM model used for knowledge base?
  5. If I am a user connect to live agent and i have some documents uploaded in KB. And if I asked a question from one of the document, Can I get the answer to it provided live session is still open?