I just attended training and trying to create FAQs Intent, I am not able to get "Train Intent" button enabled. It worked for the first intent only

Hey @abhishek.goutam have you test the FAQs once you have trained the bot.Whether the bot is responding or not.

I tried and I didn’t get intended response.

Then export all these FAQs that you have created and then delete them all from there and then again re train the bot by adding it again to the bot.

The workaround is ok. but how can I do it here?

Click on the Bulk Manage button and then export all the FAQs.

Still doesn’t work :frowning:

Hey @abhishek.goutam share the bot access to jayesh.rana@yellow.ai
Let me check it once.

Done. Provided you Dev. access

Now try @abhishek.goutam

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It worked. Thank you.
What was the issue? let me know if I did anything wrong.