Need to set custom font URL for Bot text

Hi Team,

On of our customers want to have custom fonts for our Bot text, Need your help figuring out how we can achieve this. If you have any documents or reference URLs, please share the same.
CC: @dedymulyadi @Agilan_KS @Hitesh @Atharva_Agrawal

Namaste @Saravanan_R

We do not support custom fonts for following reasons:

  1. Font sizes vary, and some might cause issue w/ alignment
  2. Many fonts don’t support all the formatting options (bold, italic, strikethrough, etc.,)
  3. Not all fonts are clearly legible in all sizes so we wouldn’t get accessibility approval certificate
  4. Some fonts might not be readable with few combinations of background colours
  5. Security compliance
  6. Licence to use respective font
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