Installing the mobile android app is throwing error

Customer tried demo app which is available of github (GitHub - yellowmessenger/ymchat-flutter-demo: Demo application to show how to intrgrate chatbot with ymchat_flutter sdk) but we are not able to build it for Android, due to below mentioned error:
/usr/local/Caskroom/flutter/2.2.3/flutter/.pub-cache/hosted/ error: illegal start of expression

public void useLiteVersion(MethodCall call, Result result)


1 error

SDK Version -
ymchat_flutter: ^2.2.1

Are we missing something here? Let me know if a JIRA ticket is required for this.

Hi Dimple,

Found the issue, fixing this ASAP

Thanks, Purush.
Please do let me know by when the fix would be deployed. Accordingly, will let the customer know.

This is fixed and deployed in v2.2.2


So the customer will no longer face this issue, right?

yes, please ask them to update to v2.2.2

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