Instead of numbers, my "date node" inserted a function in my table

I tried to insert a Date Node to collect the DOB of my user, and a function showed up in my table, instead of the standard date numbers. Could somebody help?

here is the function (for 31st/01/1977)

{“value”:{“timestamp”:“Mon, 31 Jan 1977 14:49:22 GMT”,“year”:1977,“month”:1,“date”:31,“day”:“Monday”,“hour”:14,“minute”:49,“selected”:{“hour”:17,“minute”:49}},“range”:{“exists”:false}}

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You need to create the date text from the object result by applyying like

let object = {
  "value": {
    "timestamp": "Mon, 31 Jan 1977 14:49:22 GMT",
    "year": 1977,
    "month": 1,
    "date": 31,
    "day": "Monday",
    "hour": 14,
    "minute": 49,
    "selected": {
      "hour": 17,
      "minute": 49
  "range": {
    "exists": false
let { date, month, year} = object.value
let fullDate = date + "/" + month + "/" + year
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