Need help fetching date value from date node

Unable to fetch date from date node I’ve created variable to store date but when I’m configuring to print the value after taking input from user its coming like this [object object] for better understanding I’m attaching screenshot so that get clear picture what I’m facing issues. Please help me

Hey @shikha,

If you want to access the date input of this node, You have to store the date prompt’s value in an object variable.

After storing in an object variable, if you want to access it, you have to use the correct parameters.

According to your screenshot, If you are storing the date node’s result in an object variable like “arrivalday”, then if you want to access the date timestamp, You have to use “{{{variables.arrivalday. value.timestamp}}}”

You can refer this document for more clarity on the date prompt.

Sure thanks for the help. I’m only using variable this {{{variables.artivalday}}} that’s why it’s not working may be. I’ll follow your suggestion. Once again Thank you.

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Hi @Amudhan_S,

Getting same error after changing variable value. Attaching screenshot for more clarity.

Hey @shikha,

I have shared you my email ID. If you can share the bot access with me, I can check the bot flow once and can get back to you?

Sure I’ll share on mail.

Hey @shikha,

Have you tried running the website bot link in Incognito Mode?

I am not getting any error after changing the variable value. I am attaching the screenshots on the same:

Can you try the bot in incognito window and let me know whether you are still facing this issue?

Nope, not tried in Incognito window. I’ll try today and let you know. Thanks once again for the support.



Can you help me with the Api integration? I’m unable to pass the parameters in the API node. Attaching screenshot for your reference.

Hey @shikha,

Have you configured the dynamic variables on API Management?

You can refer this yellow document for more details on this: Send data to API |