How to access object data type in Function

how do we access values from an object data type in a Function
ex: i have stored a date by date picker in a variable and trying to do calculations on it

have tried : – not working

It should be variables. Here are some samples:

still not working
it is working fine for other data types but not working for object type data


Please suggest on this

First, declare the dateObj variable as follows:

let dateObj = data.variables.test;

Next, to extract other values from it, use:

let userInputDate =;
let userInputMonth = dateObj.value.month;

These lines of code will help you access the specific values within the dateObj object.


for now I have tried creating it this way

: checkindate is a object variable containing datepicker output
: after running function I am printing its output but its printing blank

return new Promise(resolve => {
// Your logic goes here
let a = data.variables.checkindate;
let b =;

Please share you contact so that i can share access + we can connect and resolve

could you please give me a sample code , output
with a screenshot of it
also the input details

@Srinivas @Sai_Kumar_Singaram could one of you help us here with this, please?


return new Promise(resolve => {
        // Your logic goes here
        let userInput = data.variables.dateList;
    let selectedData =

Note: If you want to capture the date store the response in variable of type number.

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