Integration to Chat GPT

I am planning to integrate with Chat GPT. from studio it is successful integrate in integration part however, i could see activity related to it based on the tutorial in flow builder. how can I find this nodes?

This part is not available


Have you connected the integration from the Integrations Page?

Yes it is connected already @gautham however i cannot find the nodes

do you know, is it a bug or does something is missing? @gautham


Can you check this video and attempt to access it

Thanks @gautham ,

Now I got a new problem parsing the responses. Do you have any reference for it?


Store the response in an object variable

and print the text response in a regular text node as

Answer: {{{variables.result.choices.0.text}}}

Thank you @gautham , it works. however, some whitespace here appears.

Hello Guys, I have been reading your conversation, and I am also trying to install the GPT in my platform. I did everything, it seems to be working. But I just don´t know how it works… how do I use it, what part is missing in my flow? what do I have to ask the bot? I know that the small talk is running ok, but I would like to understand the benefits os this small flow with GPT. Thanks in advance!

Hi, i’m trying to connect gpt on with your updates provided on this site but it always goes to fallback flow. Can you help me to solve this problem?