GPT3 integration issue-->Not able to fetch the response

I integrated GPT successfully (In the Integration tab using the API Key and Org ID) and able to add that node inside my flow as well. But, I am not able to fetch the data as my integration is not successful.

I am storing my question inside a string variable and passing it to the GPT Node as a query.

I am storing the response inside a Object variable.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong here.

Can we make this integration failure sort out? If there is someone from have the expertise, please reply.

Can you try to print this in a text node as shared in the documentation of the node.

Based on that output we’ll be able to debug this bettrt

Hi Gautham

I already tried that. But, I am not getting any response in the chat and after GPT integration, it goes to the fallback direction. Please refer to the screenshot below:

Hi Gautham,

have you got clarity on where I am facing the issue now?


Since an error is shown here
Can you insert V_GPT_response into a DB where the column datatype is object as well.

You’ll be able to log the error response


I didn’t actually get it. If I want to get the proper response from my query how will I be able to do this?
What you are suggesting is to save the GPT response inside a DB and then if I print it also, I will be seeing the object response only.
But, if my GPT integration is not only successful, then I will be getting an error message only. I can show you the screenshot of sample response where you can see the error in details-

However, I have successfully made the GPT integration with my chatbot.


Please reply to me regarding this. It’s been a long time since you last replied to me. I hope I have provided all the information you needed.