Is it possible access the user360 data

When the user connects to the live agent flow we need to fetch the user details from user 360 to get any agent email id according to the email ID we need to connect the user to that agent. In the use360 table for every user, one agent id is mapped

We need to get the user with help of a phone number but in user360 userid is different from the phone number we can’t get data based on the userid

Yes, it is possible. You can access the user360 data under ‘User properties’ variables as shown in the ss. You can also use the syntax like {{{user.whatsAppOptIn}}}, where whatsAppOptIn is a cdp data.

We can also change the user id from our end if we want to keep the mobile number as userid, we just need to update the user id variable with the desired value (ss attached).

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