User360 Segments

Trying to create user segments for opted-in users and send push message to only those who have opted-in - using User360. In the development client the system is not working as intended. It is not picking the users dynamically based on segment parameters.
It is picking the data at time of scheduling.


  • User 360 can be directly handled in Live environment. Publishing changes will not help here. So all user related data manipulation can be done.

Wanted to have some clarity on these questions,

  • How are you importing the data? Is it a .csv import (if so, are you adding any tags or userID)
  • What is the segment conditions followed

So you mean that once the bot is live (live environment) it will work.

The bot is connected with Whatsapp channel - data will be populated by user journey. UserID will be Whatsapp number.
Segment condition - Whatsappoptin is true.

@gautham - it is also not working in live environment. In fact the campaign that was working in sandbox is not working in live. Very confusing!! Not sure of the issue. Who can help from Yellow AI?