Is this possible to provide conditionally enable or disable the attachment button?

Use case:

We want to show an attachment icon, only if we want the user to upload a document/image.


As of now we are not able to conditionally hide/show the attachment icon.

As of what I know, its not possible.

Can this be considered as a feature request?

Hey Rishabh, disable attachment from chat widget settings. PFA

When ever you want the user to upload the file use the file prompt. PFA

This is how the widget will look if you user file prompt.

Let me if this solves your purpose.

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Hi Thanks for the Info

Can we make it flow specific or it will be for the complete bot

It will be for the complete bot @rishabh_singh

Disabling attachment will be applied for the entire bot so that you can use File prompt needed for specific flow(s)

We can use the file prompt for the cloud platform. Is there any possible solution for the app platform as app only allows to reflect the attachment to the user

@rishabh_singh File prompt node is available only on V2 widget.
Can you ask them to migrate to V2 version?

@akshay_bhat While disabling the attachment, Home button is also getting dsabled. Is it possible to only disable Attachment button?
@Kiran_P - fyi.

Home button should be visible even after disabling the attachment.


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