Restriction on filetypes to be attached

Can we add any restrictions on file types that will be attached. CLient want to restrict end users to attach only PNG/JPEG. Also, is there a restriction on size currently?
Can we add restriction on size that can be attached in order to reduce SPAM attachments.

Hey @Anoosha_Tatikonda you can use the File Prompt node. In advance settings of that prompt you can select the type of files you want to allow the user to upload in it.

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Hi Jayesh, This bot is in APP platform.
We are working on Web widget channel.

Does the above recommendation works for this case as well?

Hi @Anoosha_Tatikonda
This is the response you get after uploading a file

         "file": "",
         "fileSize": 31988,
         "fileName": "utter.csv",
	     "medium": "message"

You can validate with fileSize of the size and also the extention that comes with it in a Validator.

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