How to get clickable buttons on Whatsapp?

How to get clickable buttons on Whatsapp?
My Quick Reply is coming as a numbered list.

Hi @Ojas_Maheshwary

The Quick-Reply node will show up as a numbered list on Whatsapp.
Add a carousel card with buttons. By Deleting the image, you can simulate the same Question > Buttons format as a Quick Reply node

After setting up the carousel card, you’ll notice that there’s only one endpoint “success” point
1. Store the response in a variable

2. Use if…else to branch out the flow similar to a quick-reply

You’ll observe that this gets you the clickable buttons

For more than 3, we have a WhatsApp List node which can handle upto 10 options and is sort of like a dropdown

WhatsApp limits to maximum of 3 buttons inside a carousel node - no hyperlinks allowed


How is Unicard able to send out URLs using WA then ?
attached screenshot for reference.


These aren’t regular messages passed through the bot flow. These are business initiated conversations sent as pre-approved templates.

Once your WhatsApp number is connected to yellow, you’ll be able to create and send your templates for approval (upto 48hrs for approval by WhatsApp)

After which you can make use of

The templates can contain variables like {{contact name}}. {{contact paymentLink}} through which you can pass messages personalised to your user. This will improve the overall experience and will simulate that of a regular bot message