Using Custom WA templates in the bot flow

Hi, in our use case we are using custom whatsapp templates in our flow and send carousel with options , the user sees the templates and gives their response in the carousel. Here are my queries.

  1. When I read the documentation of Notification API , it says that a successful message will be ‘QUEUED’ with 202 status code. In that case , can you please clarify me if we can use WA templates as a question and WA carousel to capture the response , right after sending WA templates when there are many users(say 200) using the bot simultaneously?

  2. Currently as we are in still developing stage, we are sending the whatsapp carousel with a delay of one second right after sending template via notification api. Is there any way to access delivery status from as a response from yellow ai notifcation api call itself?(I am aware that we can give a webhook url to get the delivery status, but in that case we need to write a custom api which calls notification api and wait for the webhook data and again send that to the yellow bot flow, which is little time consuming , I estimate)

Can any one help me with the above two questions? It would be of great help.
Thanks in advance.

Regarding point 1, can you please provide additional information with more context and clarity?

  1. We cannot do that because the delivery status is asynchronous. We don’t have a precise timeframe for when the message will be delivered or read. Therefore, waiting for an unknown duration is not feasible.

Hi, @Kanchepalli_Harsha_V , here is the representation of what I want to achieve:
Send a crousel with buttons right after the custom template.

Here, we are sending the carousel with buttons, without knowing whether the 1st custom template is delivered. If the custom template gets delayed , as you could see the flow breaks.So, my question is, how do we achieve this at scale?. Thanks in advance.