Orchestrator WhatsApp number for R2 Region

Hi team,

This is regarding test your bot feature in cloud for whatsapp channel.we have 1 bot in r2 region and we have scanned the qr code from the test your bot section to access yellow’s number. but it seems the number will not be responding if we use this feature for r2 bots.for r0 bots it is working, any insights here? thanks in advance

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Orch number is Indian number (r0) those it would work only for the bots that are created in r0 region.

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any workaround that can be implemented to test R2 BOTs using this feature? :pray:

cc: @Achmad_Raditya @Hitesh @Muh_Ardwika

Hi @Wasim_Laskar can you please suggest

I don’t think there is.
Customer should be able to give the test number or try using any test/extra number you might have that is already registered in r2 region.

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