Previous chat not showing after refreshing the page or when re open the bot

We have enabled the Show history of the conversation in bot still we are not able to see previous chat.
showing day before yesterday chat conversion for client and for me only showing only todays 1.00 PM chat .
website to test the bot
Bot id x1644832399771

Hey @Imran_M_R after changing the settings did you published the bot once after this…?

I am not sure about this
Please confirm whether we need to publish after the settings.

Hey @Imran_M_R did you enable this setting in both the enviroment?

yes, It is already enabled @Jayesh_Rana
ss FYI
bot id x1645163375316

Hey @Imran_M_R can you share the bot access to

done Please check @Jayesh_Rana

Hey @Imran_M_R check now.

same issue @Jayesh_Rana

Hey @Imran_M_R if you have cleared the cookies or the cached memory then previous chat will not be available for you.

@Jayesh_Rana I am not cleared any cookies or caches

Hey @Imran_M_R in staging it working fine buddy.Are you testing in production…?

Yes, I am tested in production @Jayesh_Rana
can you please share the link? which is tested by you

it is showing in the chat URL, but not showing on the website

Let’s connect for this after 4:30 today. Are you available at this time?

sure we’ll connect at 4.30 PM and shared invite for the same

@Jayesh_Rana / @Imran_M_R

What was the solution that worked here?