Link redirected to bot consist of user previous chat info

Hi, Is there any way through which I can redirect a user (using a link) where he can see/access his/her previous interaction chats with the bot without any login or OTP verification (Personalized Links)?


Is your bot on a WebWidget, Mobile SDK, Whatsapp/Instagram or another channel?
On our in-house channels, we can authenticate without asking the user for details, but rather with an in-house auth token.

On other channels like WhatsApp, the user can simply scroll up to go through their chat history with the bot

Web Widget (web-based bots) — Widget Functions and Events |
Android — Android Chatbot SDK |
iOS — iOS Chatbot SDK |
Other channels can be found on the same docs page

Once we authenticate, we will automatically fetch all previous chat logs and show it to the user right away.

Did you have something else in mind?