Problem with .closeBot() function in flutter SDK for iOS

Client is facing issue with .closeBot(). This is only happening for iOS. Android is working fine.

Their implementation is closing the chatbot on receiving an event with a URL (By calling the .closeBot() function). But it doesn’t close the bot and their routing logic works in the background.

Also, they are getting no event in the YMBotCloseEvent method Channel when calling the function. But on tapping the cross button on Top, they get an event.

Hi Shraeyas

Can you please provide the following details

  • SDK version
  • botID

Hi @Purush

Flutter SDK - 2.3.1
Bot ID - x1664456336567

Related to the same issue we connected for yesterday.

Hi Shraeyas

Can you please confirm the event is sent like below snippet and sendIOSEvent is not changed in code

   code: 'sendIOSEvent', // don't change this
   data: {
      code: `<keep you code here>`,  // this can be edited
      data: JSON.stringify({"actionType": "login"}) // this can be edited

found there is issue with close button and is fixed in version 2.3.2

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Hi @Shraeyas

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