[Urgent] Events are not being received on Flutter IOS integration


Client has integrated flutter-android in their mobile app and are receiving events that we have configured (on button clicks).

However, on flutter-ios integration, they are not receiving any events. Are there any other extra steps for receiving events on iOS?


Hi please refer flutter ios document for event listener under Mobile SDK → Chatbot → Flutter
Also share the code client is using to listen to event.

  EventChannel _ymEventChannel = const EventChannel("YMChatEvent");
    _ymEventChannel.receiveBroadcastStream().listen((event) {
      Map ymEvent = event;
      log("${ymEvent['code']} : ${ymEvent['data']}");

Hi @Sukrit_Gupta

This is the code they are using. They have tried with the code on GitHub as well and still were not receiving any events.

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Ok… please raise a ticket under Apps category. We will look into this.
Please make sure sendIOSEvent() is used to sent the event from bot.

    await app.sendEvent({
        code: 'sendIOSEvent',
        data: { code: 'url_clicked', data: "test_data" }

This is an App bot and this is the code we are using.
Also, as mentioned, we are receiving events on flutter android, and also native android.
This issue is only happening on iOS.

We will raise a ticket for this.

[PSD-237] Not able to receive event on Flutter - iOS SDK integration - Jira (atlassian.net)

Hi @Shraeyas

As mentioned by @Dimple_Mehta on the [ticket]here(Log in with Atlassian account), It is working fine now. So please mark this resolved here as well in the community.