Quick Reply Event On Web bot

Can we capture quick_reply_event on the web bot. We get it if we use WA Channel but is it doable in web bot?

Hi @Prajesh_Jain

quick_reply_event is a whatsapp channel event which is triggered when user responds to notification with quick reply buttons.

We cannot trigger quick_reply_event for web bots.

Can you let us know why you want to the event for web bots?

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Thanks a lot for the response Srinivas.
In one of my flow I have one QR button which redirects the user to a different website, so because of that I dont get any log. And the use case is as soon as button is clicked in the db we need to capture that.

Let me know if there is any other way possible for the same.


Open the carousel button scroll to the bottom to find the header Analytics section, you can add some static data like this

Once user clicks on the button this data will be reflected in Insights → Data explorer → Analytics.

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