Accessing the initial message response to an outbound whatsapp campaign from the User

I am running an Outbound whatsapp campaign. I wanted to access the response that the user is providing to my campaign. I was told to use the Quick Reply Event and also use quick replies in my whatsapp template. Now I am able to access the response if the user selects from the quick replies I have provided. However that’s not always the case. For Ex: The 2 options are “YES” and “NO” but the user doesn’t select any and types say “I have a different response”.

I want to access all these responses and use them further. The first response to any campaign i want to access that in a flow.

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Hey @Manish_Yadav

You can checkout this document to capture a Quick Reply event from the user:

Hi Pratik,

Please see the question.
I already said I am using quick reply event but that only provides the values of quick reply buttons. Users are also typing things without pressing those buttons. I want those typed responses as well but not able to get them. Can you tell me how to get those

Additionally I wanted to get the original message that I had triggered to them as well. I have some variables I had passed in that original message that I want to use again in the flow.

Thanking in Anticipation

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