Scheduled Event Not Showing in flow start


I was following the documentation

I only need is the Scheduled Event. What I plan is that on midnight the chatbot will reset all flows back to the main greetings node. I already created the scheduled event it is even active, but it wont show up on the start node. (see image below)

Custom Scheduled Event:

Greetings flow

Hope someone could help me :slight_smile:

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as far as I know, we can only used the scheculed event for workflow journey @hcemployee


Thanks for this! I did not notice or know about the “workflow” part

So I followed what you said I made a workflow and yes I now see the schedule event, but what got me thinking or curious was that a workflow cannot connect to a normal flow? or a flow cannot connect to that workflow?
Any idea how to reset chatbot session of all user on a daily basis automatically without the user pressing the “home button” at the chat

Can you elaborate why do you want to reset all session daily?

Because the previous or OLD chatbot we use the Yellow Messenger can reset the chatbot flow daily via function.
example let say I have 5 flows
day 1
Flow 1 → Flow 2 → Flow 3 → Flow 4 (I stop here) → Flow 5

day 2 if I open my bot
Flow 1 (I should be back here) …

I do not know what to use on Cloud Yellow AI to reset to the home or beginning flow again, Also on the new Cloud Chatbot the app.method does not work on function it gives me app is not defined
which this thread said its not possible on the new Cloud platform

How about this @Aakanksha_Jain
Is there a way an Event can trigger a flow redirection for all users
For example
at 12 midnight the bot will place all current users back to the starting menu

If it’s a chat bot on web, you might find these widget settings helpful inside channels>Chat widget>Settings