Search in Database and Access data from database

Hi i can able to search in database, in the test option, how can i able to access the data from the database?
I have created a database by name fludio_lead_generation, in which i am storing the name, phone number and designation.
In the search Database i am searching the phone number, if phone exists i need to display Hi , (“name”)? How can i do this?

Hey, @Chetan_Kumar instead of "contains’ try using “is” once.

Now i have used “IS”

Don’t test it by using this test button. Instead of this directly test this with the bot.

i am getting this? i need to get the name corresponding to that number ?

Hey @Chetan_Kumar can you share the bot access with me at

hi @Jayesh_Rana
you could have a notify email in the name of damu check once

hi @Jayesh_Rana otp is 8221

It is coming as “Please enter a valid phone number”

just now i tried, i am getting otp i did not got the msg “Please enter a valid phone number”

Hey @Chetan_Kumar check now it will be working fine now.

i working fine, but i need to display name corresponding to the particular phone number from the database . How to do that ?

Let me breif you i am storing the data in the fludio_lead_generation database, i just want access this database , by otp validation, if the number exists in this database. need to get a msg saying Hi{“name”}

Hi @Jayesh_Rana, have a look at this one ?

Hey @Chetan_Kumar yes can do this. We are storing the DB search in an Object variable from there you can access the user name from the DB.

Can test the bot again I have made the changes for you.

hi @Jayesh_Rana i will give you the bot access can you reslove it.


You can find the specific thing you’re looking for here: How do I retrieve Database data inside a bot flow? |

No I can’t display the name, i am storing the response in the fludio_display_name which is an object.

may i know where I went wrong ?

can you try with index ‘0’ instead of ‘1’