Send OTP Phone Number

i read in this link Configure sendOTP node for Indonesia Phone number
i want to ask a question,
is there any configuration before we use send otp function?
like, setting for sender OTP phone number or something like that ?
because, i try to build journey like @bita and same, no otp received

i store phone number to variable number

send otp with variable number

store response to otp, and verify with variable otp

is that wrong?

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Hey @derrysusilo,
Can you please make sure you’re following this structure in your journey:

  1. Phone prompt: Fetch the phone number from the user and store it in the phone variable (string data type).
    Make sure that you’re asking for phone number with ISD code or you add a prefix here as shown in the screenshot. For India, I’ve added +91 default ISD code.

  2. Send OTP Node: Select the phone variable from the dropdown.

  3. Question Prompt: Ask the user for an OTP and store it in a new string variable called otp

  4. Verify OTP Node: Under Select OTP variable select otp which we’re using the store the OTP.
    Create a new string variable verify and under Store response in select verify variable.

  5. Add response for success and failure cases.

I hope this helps!