Session Duration & Conversation ID : Website & Mobile app bots

  1. If a user initiates a conversation on web and mobile app then closes the chat and again comes back in next 5-6 hours. So will it be counted as one single Session or conversation ID both wrt web and mobile app?

  2. In case if in a single conversation thread the user initiates a live chat conversation and then the live chat conversation is completed and then does some FAQ/automated flows and again triggers a live chat where a different agent will be assigned then will the overall conversation remain same ? or there will be separate chat ticket IDs and will it be possible to push the live agent chat transcript at the end of every live chat convo ?

  1. A session lasts for 24 hours, during which any number of user interactions of a user are considered as one single session (Session is calculated as the average of the total time users conversed with the bot across all channels by the total number of sessions.)

  2. Each time the Raise ticket node is executed, it is considered a new live chat, and a new chat ID will be created for it.