Small talk is getting clashed with date picker

We are facing an issue where the date picker is getting clashed with Small Talks.
can we fix it without disabling the small talks?

Hi @Sangeetha_R ,
If I correctly understand, You are giving input to the Webview and the data that comes is triggering a small talk FAQ configured with a date?
a) Try increasing secondary model confidence, and adjust accordingly.
b) Try logging the context in main function for the date prompt, and check the step id that you will get for the date prompt. Once you get it try including the id in exclude params in main.
As cloud bots are stateless, you might not have access to main function. Try getting it enabled and include the step id for it.
You can also get the step id from the bot export API.
c) Disable small talk for date if not required. Try deleting it if it conflicts with usecases that involves development.

Thank You.