Transaction Card

The client wants to use a Transaction Card with Multi Select.

Having the below queries on the card.

  • Character limit in each field: Title, Description, Value/Amount.
  • Which are Mandatory fields?
  • Which are Optional fields?
  • Can Card title (not option title) be modified?
    What is the maximum number of options we can add in this card?

HI @Srinivas For your query, I do have the following points:

  1. Character limit, there is no character limit being set in any field, it’s just the size of cards is fixed which will trunacte the data.
  2. All the fields that are mentioned in are mandatory.
  3. No, optional fields.
  4. No, you can’t change the card title, and there is no limit to the number of options that you can add to the card, but at a time we will show up to 5 options only, and if more than that we will enable load-more button which will again add up to 5 options in the card.