Web view for drop down list

Is there any other way apart from web view to implement this UI for our chatbot on website?

Namaste @Andika_Januarianto

You can make use of List Card which has Expand/Collapse functionality. However, it is limited to one selection at a time. You need to display separate cards for “Choose a product”, “Select type”,… and other options.

Hi @Andika_Januarianto ,
I dont think its currently available as per product.
You can raise a feature request for the same and check.
Else conversational Prompts/Cards will be the way to go.

Thank you so much for your feedback Team. Let me try it first

On a side note, I see quite a few customers asking for drop downs, are we planning to support it or have anything in roadmap? @akshay_bhat

Namaste @Dimple_Mehta
Drop downs do not fit well inside a chatbot.
Number of options, Character limitations, UX and other things need to be considered.
We do not have any plans of supporting drop-downs in widget bots. We can recommend other components based on use case. Let us know the requirement and we will help.

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Hi @akshay_bhat
My customer has another concern regarding our web view. Is there any possibilities to change from Portrait to Landscape view to implement Web view on top of the PWA link?

Namaste @Andika_Januarianto
Can you provide more details?

  • What are those concerns?
  • What do you mean by “changing from Portrait to Landscape view on top of PWA link”?

Hi @akshay_bhat

Landscape meaning like below image

But, We don’t need move to view to centre location. We just need to extend the length for each fields. Is it doable?