Type of Web Widget Confirmation

Hi @akshay_bhat

Can we support implementation widget web bot like this?
There are icons per channel(WA, IG, FB, Telephony, Email) and contain link/url per each channel, and also drop down list.
Please confirm.

Namaste @Andika_Januarianto

Thanks for the suggestion!
However, we don’t have an option to link other channels.
Also, we do not support drop down in web widget. You can refer this post.

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Namaste @akshay_bhat

I know that one of solution to implement like above image using Web View. But, this is powerful feature for our web widget if we can implement later without Web View. Link to other channel from web widget it will increase demand to implement our chatbot also to give rich options like drop down list, checkbox on widget is something that we have as part of our web widget solution. Thanks

Customers can add social links on their website. They don’t need a chatbot to do that. You can use callout banners to display social links if you want. This is available in studio page.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Andika_Januarianto
We do not have “dropdown” feature in our roadmap. We will let you know if we plan to implement it in future.


Thanks bro for your feedback.
I Just wondering, how can we add image for the our Callout Banners ya? We only support text in callout banners on our cloud, is it?

@Andika_Januarianto Images are not supported in callout banner

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