"Unable to automatically pop up window prompts."

I don’t know why the chatbot can’t automatically pop up the Home page carousel, and there’s no response when clicking the Home button. Can you help me?


@Byron Configure an intent in start message/node and check once

“Sorry, it’s still not working. The current issue is that the ‘Carousel’ isn’t automatically displaying, while the text node is displaying normally. The specific situation is as shown in the following image.”

@Byron can you provide the bot access with apps@yellow.ai? We will debug and comment.

“I don’t understand how to give bot access. Are you asking if I need to provide the bot’s ID or name?”

Hi @akshay_bhat ,please

sir,can you help me solve this problem?

@Byron This seems like a bot config issue. Please raise a support ticket be sending email on support@yellow.ai. Team will review the bot flow, and update.

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