Find city name dynamically, showing card directly

I have a requirement when user type ‘book a flight from Delhi to Bangalore tomorrow with 2 passengers’ so directly following this card should be displayed

As of now it have a very lengthy process, flow pictures are followings.

Please suggest how can I do it?

Hi @Sachin_Muksha ,
Use a function to parse the utterance first.
Then check via regex(also update with entities) that city1 TO city2 exists.
If city1 exists skip the FROM city question by pre-assigning memory.
if City2 exists skip the TO city question by pre-assigning memory.
If word passengers/people and its synonym exists check the number that exists around it via prediction in that function.
If it exists also skip the number of passengers question.
If all exist, skip all questions and assign 3 memories like from city, to city, number of passsengers and directly display cards.
If none exists in utterance, ask all questions.

Thank You!